Monday, December 9, 2019

Christmas gift and giveaway

The book, An Anti-Suffrage Alphabet is a bit misleading.  It wasn't actually published in Britain by Antis but created by the Women's Social And Political Union (WPSU) as a fundraiser for Christmas 1911.  The book featured different aspects of women's subordination to men in society.  The images were actually stenciled and printed individually for folks who ordered them:

Doesn't it make you wonder how many Antis bought this thinking they were going to get propoganda that suited their perspective?

Beth and I are in the holiday spirit so we are featuring another giveaway.  You have until Friday to comment on our blog.  We are giving away John Q. Adams book Quilting Beyond Neutrals:  Quilts Inspired by Nature's Elements with some fabric and other goodies in the package!
We are well aware that many of you are finishing Christmas presents but we chose this book because most quilters share a commonality after the holidays.  We like to clean up our sewing rooms and then use up scraps and this book is a perfect tool for scrap quilts!  Just leave a comment and we'll get put your names in our suffrage hat to randomly choose a winner!

Have a great day!


  1. I look forward to each posting on your site. I especially like your recommendations for expanded information on various points of interest. My newest granddaughter was born in Denver this past October. I shared the Colorado connection to the suffrage movement with her parents.

  2. Enjoying your posts, and looking forward to 2020!

  3. It must have been a very hard time for women compared to today. As a retired scientist it's so much easier now then 40 years ago, I can only imagine 100 years ago.

  4. Every time I do the laundry I think of how much more work it was for my mum and especially my grandmother. I used to like hanging out the wash, but for my mum, I'm sure it was just a weekly chore. Blessing to you all this holiday season.

  5. You have inspired my quilt top. It is done and I wrote an essay to go with it. I am entering it in the NSDAR American Heritage contest of which I have used some of your article pieces about the sunflower quilting bees and the Mrs. Belcher quilting bee to make comfortables to soften sleep on a bare floor. Should I email you a picture and my essay?

    1. YES PLEASE! And you won the giveaway, please email me!