Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Poem: "Votes for Women"

This poem would have made a great vaudeville skit!

“Votes for Women”
“Wha’s all that noise?” The captain asked
The mate stood by, a-grinnin;
“It’s female women, sir,” he said,
“They’re shoutin’ ‘Votes for Women.’”

“A curse upon them mate” said he,
And sent his wheel a-spinnin,
“Whoever  heard of such a thing
As givin’ votes to women?”

“Go down there,” he commanded,
“An’ clear the bloomin’ cabin.
We’ll ‘ave no blarsted meeting here,
Or cries of ‘Votes for Women.’”

When mate returned he was a sight,
Skirts covered the underpinnin’,
While on his back he wore a sign:
“We’re After Votes for Women.”

The captain quailed before the gaze
Of fifty angry women,
Then quickly dove into the sea,
Where they say he’s still a-swimmin’

Now the moral is, be not too gay
When “knockin”  “Votes for Women,”
For a woman’s wrath is not a thing
At which you should be grinning.

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  1. Love this! Especially the last stanza! Michelle, do you have any books to recommend for a women's book club to read about the suffrage movement? I thought that might be interesting for my group in 2020.