Sunday, November 24, 2019

Happy Birthday Mary H. Ingham!

Mary H. Ingham (1866-1937)

By 1917, there were two rivaling suffrage groups--the more conservative NAWSA (National American Woman Suffrage Association) and the more militant NWP (National Woman's Party).  Mary Hall Ingham was a leader for Pennsylvania's branch of the NWP.

A Bryn Mawr graduate, she was a supporter of suffrage, had campaigned for Teddy Roosevelt in 1912,  and assisted labor movements. 

As a Silent Sentinel, she was arrested three times for picketing.  In 1917, after her first release from prison, she raised $8,000 (roughly equal to $150,000 today) by speaking to people from her home.

Mary led the charge to insure Pennsylvania ratification for the 19th Amendment.  This was no easy feat as the the 1915 campaign had proved.  On June 24, 1919, the Pennsylvania legislature voted to ratify the amendment.

Mary is included in my quilt that honors Pennsylvania Silent Sentinels.

Would you like to learn about the Silent Sentinels that were arrested from your state or incorporate them in your quilt challenge?  

An easy resource for you is an excerpt from Jailed For Freedom.  The book lists the women arrested, their backgrounds, and where they lived.    I found the book online for you.  The link is here.

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