Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Lucky in May


Good morning and Happy Tuesday!

Yesterday I was working in the garden.  I use a big lawn chair pillow as my kneeling pillow.  Yesterday I was sitting on the pillow while weeding and I felt someone's back to mine.  Lucky has decided I need to share my pillow with him.

He often sleeps in the moss as well: 

Tinkerbell is my neighbor's dog.  She doesn't tolerate puppies very well and Scout always deferred to her.  Enter Lucky-the Street-Pup.  Yeh he does things to set tease her off on purpose.  Tinkerbell will be sitting in the house on her throne (Nancy's lap) and he will go up and tap Tinkerbell's foot which starts a ruckus. Tinker snarls and barks, "He's touching me!"  Lucky smiles and runs away awaiting the next time he can torture her.

But things have changed with the warm weather.  We all sit outside in the evenings and both dogs are equals on the patio.  They chase the squirrels together and even (gasp) drink from the water bowl together.

During the rainy days, we still visit Nancy and Dave but things have changed a bit.

Although Lucky turned two last month, he's still in an early puppy stage.  At least that is what all of us are thinking.  It's like he's finally getting a puppyhood and I must say, he's thriving and even his behavior is improving now that he's more trusting.  He even wags his tail at strangers and when that first happened I was stunned--because I hadn't realized he wasn't doing that until he finally did.  But of course, he's still a young dog...

"Who me?"

Wishing you a happy and safe day with your furry or feathered friends!

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  1. How cute is that...Lucky wanted to be close like that and comfortable to lie in the garden too. Lucky is rightly named, isn't he. :)