Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Men Who Quilt #12

 The "Men Who Quilt" series is beginning to wind down.  In a few more weeks we'll be starting a new series.

At the beginning of this series, I told you that I had found that there were a surprising amount of men who quilted in our valley.  We'll be finishing the series with some of these men.

Like many of the men we've studied, they have common themes.  Harvey Gross was disabled:


Erwin Sterner was a tailor who took up quilting:

So was Charles Landis:

Many of the men competed at local fairs and competitions:

An earlier Allentown Fair winner article included 2 males:
I would have loved to see the quilt the boy made.  Maybe a redwork quilt?

We have a few men left to feature and I hope you are safe and doing well this snowy winter.

Have a great day!

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