Thursday, February 18, 2021

Men Who Quilt #11

 Charles Morris Esterly was one of our local men quilters.  He was born and raised in the Upper Saucon part of the Lehigh Valley.  Born about 1870, numerous newspaper articles were published on his interest in quilting.  He has also been mentioned in various books.  One of those books, Twentieth Century Quilts by Woodward and Greenstein spelled his name as Easterly.

Unfortunately, I couldn't find any photographs of Esterly or his quilts.  The first article I found on him was published in 1898 and relays the most about his quilting:

The books that I read that mentioned him said he entered his quilts into competition and won many prizes.  He lived from 1870-1939 and was never married.  He also refused to sell his quilts but gave a few as gifts.  Numerous articles said he "believed in art for art's sake."  

When the pandemic is passed, I would like to see if any of the local museums or historical societies include Esterly quilts.

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Scout says it is really snowy out there!
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