Monday, November 2, 2020

Panel Question

Suebee asked last week for suggestions about a panel she had purchased.  She was looking for ideas on what to do with it.  Here is her panel:

Kathie responded right away and said she had just seen this idea on Facebook the day before:

Additionally, Robert Kaufman (the manufacturer of the fabric) has a free pattern here.

I hope this gives you some ideas Sue!

Most manufacturers provide free patterns on their website so you can always check their websites for ideas for your fabric!

Today is a rough day with a lot of anxiety for me so today's and Tuesday's post will be brief.  Tomorrow I'll post some patriotic things in honor of the official day of voting.

In the meantime I'm offf to do some washing and cleaning and sewing!  Stay safe and have a good day!


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  1. That's a pretty panel, and I love it with those pinwheels around it! I'm sorry to know you're having a hard day, and hope keeping busy helps. I had a Dr appointment this morning and talked to her quite awhile about the anxiety this year has brought. It's a tough one! Thinking of you, Michele!