Friday, November 20, 2020

Flower Friday: November 20, 2020

 Hi all!  This is about the latest I've ever posted but my husband requires a lot of care and this is when I get around to catching up my things!

Thanks to all of you for your kind thoughts on his recovery and especially for sending lots of images this week!

Alice was first.  She was raking and found this lovely rose still blooming.  Roses in November are a real gift and I love the color of hers!

Then Libby emailed a lovely quilt her grandmother made!  It's a Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt and just lovely!  

Libby wrote:
I'm attaching pictures of my Grandmother's Flower Garden, the last quilt my mother made before she died.  Each hexie is a mini quilt, machine stitched and turned potholder style, then quilted by hand.  The hexies are whip-stitched together by hand.  The quilt is reversible, prints on one side, and solids on the other.

Here is the whip stitching!
Libby also wrote:

Here's a close-up of the whip stitching.  That floral pastel is from an Easter dress.  I don't think Mother ever threw away a scrap of my fabrics.  The cathedral window quilt she made me, also totally by hand, has fabric from the first little dress she ever made me!

Funny story:  When I remarried in 1981, Daddy Bill asked me what I wanted for a wedding present and I replied, "the last quilt The Mama made that's in a box under your bed."  He had no clue it was there!

Lorraine still has a few flowers left in her garden and she mused that these might be the last of the year.  Well there is only 120 days until spring Lorraine!

Blue Lobelia
Mum's on a wonderful table runner!  Wow!
And finally, a surprise this time of year!  Lorraine has a lovely iris blooming!

Again, thanks for all your well wishes and have a safe and happy weekend!

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  1. Libby's mother is quite ingenious. I would never have thought of making a GFG quilt that way.
    Take good care of your husband an yourself. Give thanks.