Thursday, November 5, 2020

Map/States of the Union Quilts

Libby's Suffrage Quilt featured the state of Tennessee!

Election week means lots of maps--maps of the country and maps of the states as counties report results.  I have always liked maps.  Once in a while, I see a vintage map quilt up for sale.  I'm always tempted to buy it!  Here is a photo of part of one that sold on Etsy a while back.  I think it was made in the 1960s or 1970s:

More commonly found are state blocks.  These blocks commonly feature the birds or flowers of the state and are usually embroidered.  Yesterday, I posted a block of an unfinished Pennsylvania block that featured flowers.  Some blocks even feature both:

There's actually been scholarhip on all the birds/flowers of states done by Rose Marie Werner who also has a subscription website that features Kit Quilts.  Appraisers and collectors find this website insightful about all kinds of kit quilts.

Last night our friend Jessica sent this hilarious link to me about what the election results might look like if quilters made the electoral maps for tv.  The Onion is a satire website so please don't take this as fact.  But it is a fun story.  You can read it here.


Yesterday Sue P. emailed me that Patchwork Polly vintage paper dolls are available on ebay!  They are cute and fun if you want to peruse ebay for them!

  Tomorrow is Flower Friday and if you have any flowers left in your garden and want to share photos (or other floral imges), you can email me at

Have a safe and happy day!

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