Thursday, January 9, 2020

Suffrage Sewing Bee

"Fancy work" was the name often referred to decorative needlework  done on a variety of textiles.  Just about everything you could think of was embellished.  I've even seen ads for embroidery patterns for bags to hold soiled handkerchiefs :)
Here are a few things from my collection:
Splasher--usually hung above a basin and wash pitcher to protect the wall from bathing water.

Tobacco bag

Pin cushion

Button Bag

  So it isn't surprising that suffragists used their sewing skills to raise funds for the cause.  Selling different sewn objects was often a lucrative money maker at bazaars.

From Minneapolis, Minnesota:


  1. I just wrote a post about my (now former) redwork collection.

  2. You have some lovely embroideries there, Michelle. I cannot believe that soiled hankies were put into something so beautiful.Love the red work lady.