Sunday, January 5, 2020

If you live in Ohio...

Good Morning!  We are all recovered from a hectic holiday week and I hope you are doing well!

If you live in Ohio and are near Ohio State University, you may want to visit the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library.  The Library is featuring an exhibit of women cartoonists called Ladies First:  A Century of Women's Innovations in Comics and Cartoon Art until May 3rd of this year.
Nina Allender 1873-1957

Among the artists featured is Nina Allender.  She was the illustrator for the The Suffragist magazine published by the National Woman's Party.  I've already used some of her illustrations here .

Image result for nina allender changing fashion illustration

The Smithsonian website published an article about the exhibit here.   You can read about the hours the exhibit is open and more about the location at the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum here.

You may not realize it but Allender in particular contributed to attracting younger women to the suffrage cause.  A great piece on the "Allender Girl" can be found here.

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