Saturday, January 16, 2016

January Pawsday

The pups last summer.
Today seems like a perfect day for a Pawsday since we have 8 paws in our household instead of the usual 4.  Greta is my mother's poodle and is the white one in the foreground.  Behind her rests my poodle, Seamus.  
Greta is staying with us because she is ill and too much for my elderly mother right now.  She has a dermatitis on her paw and today's post is dedicated to her.

This is a coverlet gifted to me by cousin Daveen.  

I love this coverlet and enjoy the individual pups that are appliqued and embroidered.  This one appears to be holding up her paw, not unlike Greta these days:

According to Barbara Brackman's Encyclopedia of Applique, the pattern originated from Wheeler Brooks (#1846).  I hope you are having a wonderful Saturday and give your pets an extra pet from me!

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  1. Aw poor Greta - I hope she's feeling better soon, Mickie! Love that puppy quilt!