Tuesday, January 12, 2016

First Snow Day/Sew Day

This morning feels like what my father used to call "the warm before the storm."  We are expecting the first snowfall of the season.  When I worked at our local college, I dreaded any kind of inclement weather, especially snow.  I just don't like driving in bad weather. 

Now I love snow days.  It is probably my favorite time to sew. There is a calm and a peace that descends with the flakes. I wipe the regular tasks off the calendar and spend the snow day as a sew day.  I'll be doing some embroidering today, binding a quilt, and maybe even work on a new quilt.  

If you are looking for a small project today, here is an embroidery transfer from the 1920s that you can sew.  As a child I loved ice skating in our backyard.  Although I could spend hours on the ice, my makeshift rink was uneven and I often ended up this way:

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  1. I never had a place to ice skate as a child, but we built great snow forts and had snow ball battles in the neighborhood.