Saturday, January 30, 2016

Care quilts

I've been a caregiver most of my adult life.  It's a tough job that most people don't understand unless they've done it.  This year I would like to give some quilts to those who are in that same position.  This one I made for Carol, my neighbor and friend who takes care of her elderly Dad and special needs brother. She always said this one looked like sunshine to her and after 31+ inches of snow this past weekend, I figured I should finish it and give it to her (because we all NEED sunshine at this point).

The other quilt I gifted was for my friend Diana who is one of the most kindest and caring people I know.  She worked taking care of others until she had to have back surgery.  Like most of the people in her family, she is struggling with Muscular Dystrophy.  A few months ago, I put together what I call a "good to the last drop" quilt using up pieces left over from other quilts.  Diana said she loved it so she received it a few weeks ago.

I'm back to the sewing machine now and putting together some quilts for donation and upcoming programs.  I hope you are having a better winter than ours right now!  Happy Sewing!

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  1. Oh Mickie that is so good of you - caretakers are a special breed [as I learned last year] and really deserving. You are a blessing!