Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Sweet July Sewing

Did you have a nice holiday weekend?  We did!  My hubby was actually home and we had nice visits with good friends!

It's July and the heavy gardening has stopped for now.  I can only work so long in the heat and humidity until it makes me feel ill.  That's okay.  I've put in a lot of hours and now it is time to appreciate some of the fruits of my efforts:

And appreciate some small things like the dewdrops on this lemon balm.

July is traditionally when I used to begin my Chrismas sewing.   It's not unlike blizzard months.  Sometimes when it is really hot and I step outside the silence is amazing.  People are hibernating in their homes appreciating the wonderful invention of air conditioning.

My family has enough quilts and Christmas items for a lifetime.  Now I just sew for guild programs and my stash of donation quilts that I like to keep on hand.  I've already bound two quilts for the By the Chimney No More program and am now working on binding this piece:
Years ago, my friend Janette taught me that is always good to keep some extra lap quilts for gifts when needed.  This will go on that stack.  

The only bad thing is that the attic (where I machine sew)  gets too hot to work on by about 1 p.m.  So sewing has--for the most part-- replaced the morning work of weeding.  I hand sew on the main floor of the house in the evening hours when we watch television.

What are you working on right now?
Have a great day!

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