Thursday, July 18, 2019

I Like Thursday: July 18, 2019

Greetings and Salutations!  Can you believe it is mid-July already?

It's"I Like Thursday" day and time to post positive happenings.  Our hostess with the mostess for this day is LeeAnna over at Not Afraid of Color, visit her here for other happy posts!

My favorite word of the week is estivating.  I told my neighbor Scout and I were hibernating during our heat wave and he said "No, you are estivating" which essentially means the same as hibernating but occurs with animals in the summertime during hot or dry weather.  Do you hide in the a/c during heat waves?  

I've been doing some sewing (none of it done yet) and catching up on business paperwork.  Scout and I took one road trip last Saturday.  My girl is so good in the car:
Once I put the key in the ignition, she sits patiently in the back and enjoys watching the world go by.  We had an especially fun trip to our friends' house when we encountered a flock of geese on our journey.
We were on a particularly busy road with lots of trucks when a group of geese decided to cross the road.  They just began to walk across the busy road as trucks and cars screeched to a halt.  I mean, forget complaints about the entitlement generation, what about the geese of today?  

I started laughing because they just seemed to feel they owned the whole road.  Scout is in the back seat getting excited by the birds, I'm asking them, "What is wrong with your wings?  Isn't the hot macadam burning your feet?"   And meanwhile, they are ignoring all of us.

We hadn't gotten a quarter mile from this encounter when another group of geese started crossing the road.  The poor guy in front of me is swerving to miss them and they aren't even flying away at that--just flapping their wings as if to intimidate the automobile.  My friends laughed like crazy when I told them what happened.  Apparently this a pretty common occurence near this particular industrial park.  

Every year in the garden I seem to have a new variation of rudbeckia in the garden--that I hadn't planted but just seem different.  The new one this year appears to have polka dots around the center of the flower.  Here's a close up:
Here are some of the varieties growing now.  I probably post these kinds of pics every year but they delight me:

I like Otis!  He's my mom's neighbor new puppy and pretty little boy!  Scout doesn't seem to interested in him when they met but she was distracted by another dog there she loves.  Isn't he adorable?

Wishing you a happy week full of joy and peace!


  1. I am definitely an estivator! Maybe you have mutating rudbeckia. Enjoy your day.

  2. I do stay indoors during the heat so I'm an estivator for sure! Your flowers are so pretty! Scout looks quite happy riding in the car. The geese were so funny! I guess they don't care if they're in the way!