Thursday, June 6, 2019

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Good Morning!

I like that my husband is home--even if it is for only a week.  He works on the road most of the time.  Last Saturday we went to see my grandson play flag football and I love that boy so much :D

And so does Scout :)

I like my new T-shirt, do you?

The summer is quickly approaching and to be honest, my body will be relieved.  It's hard work weeding and mulching the extensive garden we have and honestly, I ache everywhere.  Although my husband has balked about taking out the front yard beds, he doesn't do much of the work.  I've already informed him we are hiring landscapers to mulch the front yard next year.  

I like this product which has been helping the aches and pains:

Still I'm enjoying the results as I clear out a lot of plants and weeds and rearrange things.  Since he is home, I'm hoping we will get done most of what is left of the front yard, like this bed:

Once the front yard is finished, I can take my time in the backyard.  There's a lot to do back there but it's private and Scout and I can take our time during the early summer mornings.  I like our new patio ensemble--which is not so new because we purchased the rug and the umbrella last year but it rained so much that we decided to wait to put it out.

The old umbrella is still useable and I'm using that in my upper beds where we took down the old tree.  The shade is very helpful to me and my Irish/Scottish moss!

 This year nearly all of my roses have reverted to the root stock.  I can't complain, I've had them nearly two decades but I have an intense dislike for Dr. Huey roses.   Dr. Huey roses are what most grafted roses are paired with but eventually the hardy Dr. Huey wins out.  They are scraggly and lack a rose scent.   I dug them out this past week.

However one rose survived, it is pretty and coral and among the oldest ones I have.  The fragrance fills the upper bed and makes working up there so very pleasant!

Summer is a-coming and this morning it is warm and humid.  Soon I will be spending most of my afternoons indoors and that means sewing again!  

Have a wonderful week!

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