Thursday, May 30, 2019

I Like Thursdays: May 30, 2019

The scent of peonies is everywhere Scout and I walk these days.  
I love the fragrance!

This week has been all about the garden!

I've spent all of the week weeding, mulching, and gardening the front yard.  I wish I could tell you I'm done but alas, no.  Gardens are never done but I had to give my hands a break from repetitive weeding 😊

And then the weather turned anyway....
The humidity and storms came in with a vengeance but we didn't have the devastation of the midwest.  Please keep all those folks in your prayers!

My favorite flower this week is Astrantia, also known as Masterwort (yes, Astrantia is a prettier name).  It is blooming in my much neglected back yard right now but I'll be weeding there as soon as we get better weather.

 I also like these pretty asiatic lilies.  I'm hoping the rocks keep the squirrels from digging them up.

 In the front yard, I've set up a bird bath for Scout's viewing pleasure!  She can watch the birds from her favorite window but is far enough away that she can't bother them during their bath.

Lastly, I've put a lot of lemon balm around our back patio.  When my husband is home, he is greatly bothered by mosquitoes and I've read lemon balm is supposed to repel those bugs.  I'll let you know if it works!

Have a wonderful week and visit other "I Like" posts by visiting LeeAnna at Not Afraid of Color!


  1. Your gardens are so much prettier than grass. You live a colorful life!

  2. Such beautiful plants and flowers! I'm not very good with plants. Thankfully, my husband has a green thumb. I usually encourage him and enjoy whatever he's planted!