Saturday, January 6, 2018

Wagon Wheel Embroidered Quilt

In July of this past year, I purchased this wagon wheel quilt at a local flea market.  What I loved the set up of the quilt and the charming embroidered images in the center of the quilt.

I would date the quilt circa 1935.  This embroidered image could even be from the early 1930s (possibly Walker transfer) but we can't date a quilt by that criteria. 
 Also--notice the white scotty dogs on the print fabric?

I fell in love with this piece for two reasons.  The first being that I suspect the charming embroidery was done by a child.  Additionally, it reminded me of a  book called Embroidered Pictures and Patchwork by a British writer Priscilla M. Warner.

Most embroidery collectors know of this book; it is rare and often expensive.  I was lucky enough to find a bargain copy years ago.  Today I see it is offered at Amazon for $500.  Obviously, my quilt is a different pattern than Warner's image but it still has a similar feel.  The quilt is also older than the book which was published in 1950.  Warner's book must have been somewhat popular because my copy indicates it was reprinted in 1960.

Little is known about Warner, she was primarily a children's writer and illustrator after World War 2, sometimes under the name P. M. Warner.  I think she was fairly popular at one time.

The patterns in Warner's book are charming.  You can peruse parts of it here if you like.

As for the quilt, I've seen another version locally but it was an unfinished top.  We need some charm here in the Lehigh Valley today to deal with the Arctic temperatures we are enduring.  I hope you have a wonderful day!  Stay warm!


  1. You finds are truly treasures! So good you gave that precious (english paper pieced or traditionally hand pieced) and embroidered quilt a home.
    I too love my copy of Embroidered Pictures & Patchwork, haven't embroidered any of the designs yet,... perhaps this year I'll stitch some. Thanks for the additional tidbits of info on Priscilla Warner!

  2. Ooopsy... I meant to type: "Your finds..."

  3. I just got a quilt top that has the same embroidered motifs (and more) as on your quilt. The setting triangles are bubble gum pink. The "drops" on the sides have a solid pink hex in the center, not embroidered. There are 50 or so embroidered hexes. Still looking for a design source, have you had any luck?

  4. There is more info on Priscilla M. Warner at