Sunday, January 14, 2018

Rhododendron Quilt Top

It's hard to imagine that only two days ago the temperature was 60F!  

My husband and I have a little exchange we do each morning regarding the weather.  We ask each other, "What are the rhodies doing today?"  We can tell how cold it is by the status of our rhododendron bushes.  The leaves today look like this:

Temperature is 12F with a windchill that makes it feel like 0F.  Rhodie leaves will curl in response to cold temperatures.  It's a natural defense for the bush.

I purchased this quilt top a few years ago and it still appeals to me.  Rhododendron was a kit quilt offered by Progress.  Rosie Werner* dates this kit in the early 1950s.  My top still has the quilting lines on it and I am going to get it quilted soon.  I'm not doing any handquilting anymore but our local fabric shop does have a handquilting service.

Rhododendrons (and Mountain Laurel)  grow wild just north of us in the slate belt area and particularly around Jim Thorpe.  If you have a chance to travel that way in the springtime, the color of the hills will astound you!

On days like this, however, I think our puppy Scout has the right idea!
*Rosie Werner has a website totally dedicated to quilt kits.  The website is and is a subscription website.  If you are interested in 20th century quilt kits, her website is a must for documenting your quilts!


  1. Oh my stinking gosh....I love your hand applique...I am drooling here.

  2. That's one I've never seen before. A terrific design. Nice to see a picture of the new dog.

  3. That quilt top design is gorgeous! Hoping your rhododendron recuperates from the freezing temperatures.