Monday, December 5, 2016

McKim Monday: Toy Shop Window Quilt

Happy December!  This is the last installment of McKim Monday and I must say, I have enjoyed sharing parts of my collection on the blog.  In 2017, I'll be offering a new program entitled "Designs Still Worth Doing:  A Celebration of Ruby Short McKim".

The Toy Shop Window Quilt seems perfect as we prepare for the holidays.  The pattern was originally offered in the early 1930s.  My friend Martha has the pattern on her website here if you are interested in making one for yourself.  Like Martha, I would be inclined to do this quilt with embroidery rather than applique because--depending on your applique skills--the pattern can be a bit tricky.

Here is an example of an appliqued quilt that I have in my collection:
 I'm sorry but the weather has been very overcast and I'm having a problem getting good photographs.  I also want to point out that not all the blocks on the quilt are from the Toy Shop Window Quilt.  Some blocks are from the Happy Childhood Quilt (you can see it here) and of course, there is even an Overall Sam/Bill on the quilt (bottom row).
 I am sure the child who received it really appreciated it; the quilt is VERY loved and worn in some places. 
 The doll (below) is apparently a bit of a challenge, I've never seen her done really well.

I hope you have enjoyed this series of quilts throughout the last year.  I'm ready to finish up writing the program and hope to get it out to blogs soon!  

Have fun preparing for the holidays!

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