Monday, December 19, 2016

Part 2: December 2016 LV Quilt Study Group Meeting

Well it's another frigid day in the Lehigh Valley but we have some great quilt photos to look at to keep us warmed and happy.

Lisa brought some beauties for us to study!!
 This might be a variation of Brackman 3807, "Dutch Star" (among other names).  The regular verstion has a Lemoyne Star in the center.
Another great quilt from Lisa:
 Barb G. likened this to a feathered star:
The other piece that we ooohed and ahhhed over was Lisa's rail fence:
 The piece had neat fabrics but appeared to have different kinds of embroidery on it (I think some was done in yarn if memory serves correctly):
 The backing reveals that it must have been completed at a later date.  That calico brings back some memories of the late 20th century!
 We began to talk about Rail Fence variations and Kathie brought this piece in that she had in her car.  What a great pattern!
 Lelane brought this baske quilt in.  It has a "Dutchy" feel to it but the scale is wonderful.  The baskets are not very large (see hand at top left).

 The backing of the quilt is what we now refer to as  "Neon" print.  I know there are many names for this print including "fancy black prints" and usually date the quilt after the 1890s when sulphur black dye was introduced.
Tomorrow will conclude the photographs of the meeting.  
Stay warm!

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