Sunday, December 18, 2016

Part 1: December 2016 LV Quilt Study Group Meeting

We had a good turn-out this past week at the Lehigh Valley Quilt Study Group! Many people were ready to take a break from holiday preparations and play with quilts!  We decided a few quilts in, that this month theme must be "textile mysteries".

Carolyn brought this quilt for us to study.  It is from Texas and we were all wondering about the pattern.  I can't find it in Barbara Brackman's Blockbase either but it might be referred to as a variation of Brackman # 3570, unfortunately it is called "Unknown".

The fabrics appear to date it around the turn of the 20th century: 

Sue brought in a neat pillow top.  The coloring of the background had us all intrigued, it was a bit unusual and doesn't appear to well in the photographs.  It seemed to be printed (the back didn't have colored threads) but the welft and warp were blue and black and interesting.  

She also brought in this neat piece.  We debated whether or not it had batting.  I don't know if there is a name for this technique--quilting in a color and giving the effect of embroidery:

Barb also talked about the upcoming Mennonite Relief Sale (will post about that in a few days) and Alice had brought in a piece that she had purchased there and completed.  It is now a wall hanging in her home.  Good save Alice!
Sally brought in this wonderful piece.  It is just lovely and we all admired the monkey wrench/churn dash:
 This photo doesn't do justice to the piece.  It was a very dark day and some of the photographs just don't capture the quilts well.
Jayne brought in this fantastic snowball quilt. 

 I think we would all like some of this red and black fabric!!!
The two prints really compliment each other and are somehow enhanced by the yellow border.
Jayne also brought in this dated redwork towel.  Check out the animal (cat or dog?) in the middle of the date:
Last meeting, Carolyn brought in a cotton boll for us to see.  This month, Lorraine brought us a cotton boll made into a Christmas ornament.  What a great idea!
Look for more photos tomorrow in part 2 of our meeting posts!  
Have a wonderful day

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