Sunday, October 23, 2016

LV Quilt Study Group, October Meeting, Part 2

Pat and Arlan brought some real beauties in on Thursday!!!
This piece was a real stunner and prompted a lot of discussion about the fabric used:

Unique Floral Quilts!!

Pat admits she loves quilts that use circles, this one was gorgeous!

 Crib Quilt

 Lovely lyre quilt!

 This piece prompted some discussion on shirtings:

Another piece was amazing fabric!

A wonderful eagle quilt which lead to a discussion about dyes:
 The dealer also made sure that Pat and Arlan had this cup to go with the quilt.  We aren't really quite sure about the story, but it did prompt discussion about the quilt show.

 A beautiful crazy quilt closed the selections they shared with us!  It was wonderful!  Tomorrow we will share more quilts brought by members!  See you then!

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