Sunday, April 17, 2016

Sewing as Therapy

I think that most of the people who read this blog, sew when they are feeling blue.  They also sew when they are happy, peaceful, or anxious.  I am often caring for family members that are ill and I've had to learn to be flexible about my personal goals.  I may have been eager to work on writing, research, and blogging this year but life interrupts and goals have to change.  
 I'm fortunate to have a pretty sewing room in the attic.  My brother is a contractor and he designed and wall papered my sanctuary.  So this year, I've decided that this is my year to sew, use up as much fabric as possible, and finish UFOs.  At least one thing is being accomplished!  Here are some lap quilts I completed for friends/family this year.  I'm keeping things simple since I have enough stress in my life:


Donation quilts completed:

Some smalls were competed:

And a few tops are ready for Terri Trotter, my long-arm quilter.  
All this is my way of saying I've been busy with ill family members and although I hope to keep up better with the blog, I'm not sure how life will unfold in the coming months.  Keep sewing and enjoy the beautiful Spring!  

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  1. Family is even more important than sewing - that's the truth. I adore your sewing space, and I pray everyone gets healthy so you can spend more time in it! You've sure made some gorgeous things.