Monday, February 19, 2018

Lehigh Valley Quilt Study Group: 2-15-18

Themes of the meeting included feedsacks:
Towel feedsack and below feedsack pillowcases!

Quilts and Tops:

 Backing fabric had ombre stripe

Catasauqua Charm Quilt (with actual charms and added embellishments)  
A friendship quilt of sorts:

Multitudinous Quilts:

 "Calico Sunflower", a Paragon Quilt Kit introduced in 1956, based on an antique quilt in Florence Peto's collection:

Summer coverlet:


Mountain Mist Nosegay:

 Border plaid is cotton not flannel:

Doll Quilts:

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Happy Fastnacht Day! Happy Valentine's Day!

This redwork quilt is featured in my Storytime Stitches program.  The red and white quilt seems appropriate for the week of Valentine's Day!

But today is Fastnacht Day!

Jessica, my adorable daughter-in-law, came home to make fastnachts with her aunt last weekend.  Fastnacht Day is how the Pennsylvania Dutch refer to what most people call Fat Tuesday.  A fastnacht (Pennsylvania Dutch translation:  Fast Night)  are special donuts made especially for the Tuesday before Lent begins.  

Jessica and her aunt are determined to continue the family tradition and use Jessica's grandmother's recipe.  There are a variety of different recipes for the donuts; all I know is that Jessica's grandmother always made a yeast based donut that had to be risen two times before the dough is cut into squares and fried.  It takes them most of the day to make all the batches they want done.  

Unfortunately, my family ate all the ones she made already so I have to venture out today to pick up some more fastnachts--mostly for my elderly neighbors who like the celebration but don't venture out much.

The block is a rendition from a book illustrated by Margaret Evans Price.  Isn't it adorable?  There are many redwork blocks on this quilt that have storybook counterparts and I talk about that in my program.
Have a wonderful Fastnacht Day and great Valentine's Day!

Sunday, February 4, 2018

January Tops Completed

I completed two tops in January and have been trying to whittle down some of my stash, especially scraps!  I finished this I-spy quilt top in January.  I have enough left over to make a second quilt!  Both will be donation quilts--one for Camp Erin and another for our local hospital.

Then there is my aqua snowflake quilt.  I think this might be a gift, possibly for my granddaughter who has an aqua room.  It will be quilted with a snowflake motif.  I used a few fat quarters and  lot of scraps leftover from other quilts.  I had some leftover blocks and used them for two premie quilt tops.


 It's lightly starting to snow outside and that is why the photos are so dark.  I just can't seem to get enough light these days!

My dog Scout is recovering nicely from her spaying and will get her sutures removed tomorrow.  It will be nice to get some sleep; my usually busy puppy has been restless and wakes me often in the middle of the night.  But it is great to have her fixed now.

Well I'm off to set up the sewing machine and get more of my 2nd I-spy top done!  Have a great day and enjoy the superbowl!  Go Eagles Go!

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Snowflake quilt for a snowy day

It's a gray day in Allentown.

It has begun to flurry here so I thought I would share a snowflake quilt from my collection.

 This Snowflake kit quilt was offered by Paragon Needlecraft. 

I particularly like the gray because that was a color we saw become fashionable during the 1950s; 60 years later and the color is all the rage again.  The kit featured four different appliqued snowflake motifs.

 I love the dog-tooth border!

I had an original ad for the kit in my stash of magazines.  

Featured in the Winter 1949-50 McCall's Needlework magazine, The ad indicated the background was offered in blue, gray, green, and the rose that is featured in the ad.  

I am glad I found a quilt with the gray in it.  The 1950s were known for featuring decorative colors in gray, pink, and aqua (or turquoise).  

These colors naturally translated into the fabric offered at that time.  The house my parents bought when I was a child featured grey wallpaper.  Thankfully, my parents removed that before we moved in.  I like grey but not on walls :)

Keep sunny thoughts and have a wonderful day!