Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Tuesday's This and That: April 9, 2024


Good morning!


For years, I've been trying to explain the calming effect that quilting has on me.  When things become really chaotic, it isn't unusual for me to say to my husband, "If I don't get some time in the sewing room, there's going to be trouble."

This article in the New Yorker best relays the peace I get in the room.  Enjoy!


Lucky's Latest

The boy is constantly trying to nip my hands.  We've tried a number of things to stop this bad behavior but now we are trying even more...and thinking about a trainer.  Why?

Because the Saturday before Easter--after another round of the biting--I realized that a diamond from my wedding ring was gone.  Yup, he loosened the prongs and it was gone.  I looked everywhere because I wasn't sure when it had fallen out.

Surprisingly on Easter morning, when Lucky was again going for my hand, I noticed something glimmering on the floor.  Yep, it was the diamond.  It was a thin narrow diamond but there it was.  We're just grateful he didn't eat it.  My family refers to this as the "Easter miracle."  And Lucky continues to nip my hands.  But now, I'm wearing a plain band even though the ring was repaired.


Speaking of family, my brother continues to grieve the loss of Janet.  His been doing some "cooking therapy" and it appears that it is giving him the same calmness that sewing gives me.   He is cooking big meals and distributing the food to immediate family.  During the last years of her life, Janet would often instruct him on how to make some of her famous recipes.  My husband in particular has become a big fan and happily, I haven't had to cook much!  

I'm just so grateful that he has found something to do to keep him peaceful right now.


Wishing you a safe and happy day!


  1. I remember two distinct times when I had a visceral reaction (in a good way) to the power of sewing. Janet Berlo has written about that, too, in Quilting Lessons. We had cloudless skies and warm temperatures yesterday -- ideal to watch the eclipse, which got to 94% in Chicagoland.

  2. I can identify with the calming effects of sewing and quilting. Ditto on the diamond loss. About 45 yrs ago I dropped the two youngest off at nursery school and then did quick grocery stop. Driving home, I felt a sharp stick in my finger. The diamond from my engagement ring was gone and the prongs were poking my finger. Called the bank, called the grocery store, never heard from them. Months later, I was digging around in a zippered pocket of my purse for some coins. There it was! Must have fallen off while I was getting money out for the grocery store. Whew!

  3. I have a few ideas for helping Lucky learn not to bite (though I'm not a professional and your trainer will be more helpful). Teach a command such as "no bite" and use it when he tries to bite you as remove your hand. If he stops biting, praise him. Have you tried putting a toy in his mouth when he tries to bite? Keep one with you at all times. It may help. Also, if you catch him not biting when you're interacting with you, praise, praise, praise him.
    I can recommend two books: Love Has No Age Limit: Welcoming an Adopted Dog into Your Home by Patricia McConnell and Second-Hand Dog by Carol Lea Benjamin. Both offer lots of insight. Wishing you and Lucky all the best!
    I'm so glad you found your diamond and most especially that you found it outside of him before it went through him!

  4. Lol on your eclipse photo. I'm so glad you found your diamond, that is so bizarre. And glad that Lucky didn't swallow it! Good luck with him, I bet you'll figure it out. How wonderful that you brother has found comfort in cooking, bless his heart!