Friday, April 12, 2024

Flower Friday: April 12, 2024


Friday greetings!

Apologies for missing Flower Friday last week; something came up and I couldn't get to the blog.

The flowering trees are beginning to bloom!

But we lost our entire tree yesterday.  Initially, the tree surgeon thought we might only need to remove the cracked part of the tree, leaning to the right.

A crane and a 6 man team had to be brought in because the tree was so close to our house and my neighbor's house (not to mention electrical wires).

But once that was removed, it was clear the whole tree was compromised with rot.

Even with what we and the tree men could see, we had no idea how bad it was.  But they got the tree down in two pieces.  Here's the top (held by the crane) after they craned it out to the back alley behind our 6 foot fence.

Once the tree was gone, we could see how bad the rot was--on this photo, the orange inner part came out with just my hand gently pulling it.  The piece I took out left a two foot (I measured) hole into the roots from the ground down.

We have a pot on it now so Lucky doesn't fall in it by mistake when he is running around the yard.  My brother had picked him up so he missed the excitement.  When he got home, it was a little anti-climatic.  He didn't notice right away and then he just sniffed and walked away...until the cats came out later in the afternoon and he could see them better (good times!)

In other flower news, some of the violets are blooming!

But my new-to-me flowers are the white flowers in my neighbor's garden.  His mother planted all the beds and the white flower is called bloodroot.  I love how the pop of white makes the surrounding flowers sing.

And the bleeding hearts are beginning to bloom.

Although the daffodils are beginning to fade, my favorite ones with the coral centers are just starting to bloom.  You can see them in the header above.

What's going on in your garden?

Have a safe and happy day!


  1. How sad about your tree! Isn't it fascinating to watch the tree folks at work? I was going to comment on your header - those daffodils are really nice. We have two rose bushes blooming - a tiny pink rose and a red landscape rose. Both were in place when we moved here in 2020. I'm getting ready to plant some morning glory and zinnia seeds!

  2. Oh Drat! I neglected to send my flower pictures AGAIN. Oh well, I had a lot on my mind (like the root canal I just returned home from). All is well and my violet bed is delightful as is my forsythia hedge.