Thursday, December 10, 2015


I'll be presenting a number of monthly features on this blog to highlight my collection of quilts and textiles. Paws-day will focus on textiles that feature our furry and feathered friends.  
Illustration by Florence Petz Smalley, from the book
Something to Do, Girls!, copyright 1916

Because it's the holiday season, I thought I would feature a quilt I made in 2010.  I always tell quilt guilds that I am a mediocre quilter at best but I find quilting therapeutic.  This certainly was the case when I made this piece; I was grieving the loss of my poodle, Paddie.

 Paddie is featured at the top of the Christmas tree with a golden biscuit (her favorite treat).
To the left is our beloved Seamus and to the right is our darling Teddy.  Sadly, Teddy passed away during the summer of 2014.
I don't have a Christmas cat piece but in deference to my grandcat, Mitzi, I thought I would include this illustration from a 19th century McLoughlin Brothers book:
Happy Paws-Day! 
Be sure to give your faithful friend an extra pet or kiss today!


  1. I'm sure any Christmas tree quilt featuring cats would have them climbing it rather than sitting calmly by its side.

  2. I do adore that quilt with Paddie on the tree. What a lovely memory!