Sunday, December 20, 2015

Eye Candy, Part Deux!

As promised, here are some more photos taken out Quilt Study meeting last week.  Rosemary managed to save these.  They were headed to a dumpster.  Great job Rosemary!  The (quilt) force is strong with you now!  These quilts were made in Schnecksville, Pennsylvania which is located north of Allentown.
Log cabin in pristine condition!
(Above) Now THAT'S Pennsylvania Dutch!  Beautiful quilt with a "strippy" back; a favored style of backing in our region!
This interesting quilt actually features three sizes of square blocks!
Also in the save were two quilt tops.  We love quilt tops because we get to see the workmanship of the maker.  
Not one but TWO redwork quilts, both dated 1911:
and featured many art nouveau flowers
This block (below) fascinates me.  I'm speculating but I'm convinced this was based on a political cartoon:
The animal is indicative of other political cartoons of the era, and appears to be a donkey stirring the pot:
1912 cartoon from the Philadelphia Inquirer.
The idea of the "melting pot" with the word democracy in it seems to be indicative of the controversy regarding immigration in the early 20th century.  As many as 10,000 immigrants could be processed at Ellis Island in a single day.

Irish Stereotypes Political Cartoon
Late 19th century cartoon of the "melting pot" indicating a fear of a Irish immigration.
The fact that the donkey is dressed in a jester's outfit appears to ridicule the idea of a democracy being produced by melting cultures.  No matter what the maker's intent, it is an interesting and provocative block.
Special thanks to Karen, Sharon, Bill, Sue, Lisa, and Rosemary for allowing me to share photos of your quilts on the blog!

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  1. Looks like I missed a good meeting. Thanks for the photos to let me see a bit of the fun. Nothing like being there though.