Monday, June 19, 2017

Quilt Study Meeting, June 2017

Some nice quilts were shared at the last meeting of the Lehigh Valley Quilt Study Group!  Here are some photos for you to peruse:


  1. Looks like a hexie heavy meeting. All are very nice. That mother rabbit with baby looks like a scene from our backyard. Thanks Michele.

  2. Sorry I missed seeing and touching all of these wonderful quilts. I had a quilt to show
    as well. A medical emergency kept me home.

  3. Hi, Michelle! Nice to meet another antique quilt enthusiast. Even though I'm in TN, I am a member of the Midwest Fabric Study Group, also visit the TN and KY groups when I can. I don't collect and I'm no expert, but I love looking at antique quilts for inspiration.