Thursday, February 23, 2017

LV Quilt Study Group: February 2017

We had another wonderful meeting last week!  Plenty of treasures were shared!
Sue brought this coverlet PERFECT for the valentine month:

Sally shared a family quilt that was made in Centre County, PA:

 Yes, we adored this golden ombre print:
Jayne brought two  quilts, including this wonderful Star of Bethlehem:

 And an amazing crazy quilt:

And the quilt featured two (!!!) GAR ribbons:

 And wonderful hand paintings:
Ruth brought top or coverlet that had been given to her:
 I have a weakness for bunnies and the ones on Ruth's quilt were particularly beguiling:

 We had a lot of fun with the treasures Barb  brought.  Check out these fun hot pads:

 We studied these blocks and Barb showed us how they would be used for an Ocean Waves quilt:

A wonderful 4 patch quilt:
Alternating the four patches were blocks made of this conversational print--featuring snails and turtles!!!
Two pyramid quilt tops were also brought in by Barb!!

 Some of the triangles had been pieced with strips:
 Two embroidered kit quilts were brought in, one featuring the old woman in the shoe and the other featuring Raggedy Ann and Andy:

 We had so much fun with this embroidered quilt top that Barb brought made of POLYESTER:
 Then there was this charming blue and pink quilt:
 the alternate blocks were embroidered with stars, an interesting technique!
 Lastly, I brought this crib quilt from the late 1950s-early 1960s.
 And two family quilts, both featuring nine patches.  The first is from the late 19th century-early 20th century,
 the second was an early 20th century piece.
Have a wonderful day and hope to see you all in April!

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