Monday, September 19, 2016

Paws Day: Adios to the Dog Days of Summer

My dog has been ill since May.  At this point, after many tests and procedures all we know is that his liver is the problem (everything else was ruled out).  My job all summer has been to regulate his medication and keep him comfortable.  I don't mind.  As one writer stated, "Dogs are not our whole life--but they make our life whole."  Amen to that.

So I've spent the summer updating my inventory of quilts and finishing UFOs (unfinished quilts). The dog quilt above is one I just completed.  It was Ami Simms pattern, "Dog-Yeared."  I made many quilts using this pattern years ago and this is the last set of blocks.  Once quilted, I will probably donate it to the local hospital or to Camp Erin.

It is hard to imagine that the first day of autumn is later this week.  So I thought I would do another Paws Day posting as we hopefully say good-bye to the dog days of summer.  This one is entitled the "Cuddle Pup Coverlet".  

Here is a close-up; the photography is better:

I love the concept of this piece and think it is something to incorporate in kids' quilts today.  The wagon is actually a pocket and had a little stuffed puppy in it (a string kept him in the wagon-pocket.  I have the actual ad for this piece, in my McCall's Needlework, Fall/Winter 1953-53 magazine.  Isn't this an adorable idea?

Have a wonderful day! 

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