Monday, March 7, 2016

McKim Monday

One of the many things I like about Ruby Short McKim's patterns is that she designed quilts that could be used for boys' rooms.  The American Ships pattern is a great example of a quilt that I know my son would have liked when he was young.  I have a quilt top that strays from the original pattern but when I browse through the internet, I see many quilters arranged the blocks in a variety of ways.  This was the original pattern:

The quilter who made my top, decided to just showcase the blocks with out the Clipper ship in the middle:
An old photo of my quilt, with my late dog, Ted.

This would still make a wonderful quilt for a boy and with the resurgence of interest in sailing (pirate movies and the Jake cartoon), there might be some young boys who would appreciate a quilt like this.  The pattern is available at McKim Studios here.

The lady who embroidered the blocks was elderly and disabled and I have to admire that she finished all the blocks, here are some close-ups from my top:

The weather is about to get better here in Pennsylvania and we are expecting higher temps.  I hope we all experience smooth sailing into a delightful Spring!  Have a great day!

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  1. What a nice change of pace from the usual flowers and animals.